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Metal Fence Specialists

About Us

Welcome, to ASF Ironworks, Inc. - Since 1997

To a company that started with nothing more than a dream and a need; to breathe our passion, our skill and devotion and our way of life into Metal, "It's who we are."

To all of the dreamers, whether:  Home Owners, Architects, Designers, Engineers, Builders or the person needing  your lawnmower repaired, we are the company you needed all along, there isn't anything pertaining to metals that we can't resolve, considering the amount of skill, knowledge, dedication and years of experience we possess. If it's Metal, it's us.

We are relentless and unmistaken in our endeavor to create Ornamental Iron products that are unique and original to the creator.  We are as strong and skilled as a company needs to be. Skilled enough to build the Eiffel Tower!

As devoted as any.  We are the solution you were looking for!

Day in and day out, we merely sign the planet with a natural resource that is as green as the work, and in a way, unmistakably, representative of who we are.

Without the opportunity afforded to us by our clients, we wouldn't exist.

So Thank You, to all who gave us the chance then, and to those who take that leap of faith today and tomorrow.  Rest assured, you will not be disappointed!

"We'll keep doing what we do best" Metal!

ASF Ironworks, Inc.
Proudly Serving Commercial and Residential Custom Ornamental Metal Fabrication Needs 
Throughout the Northwest Since 1997. Based in Eugene, Oregon 

ASF Ironworks
675A Wilson St
Eugene OR 97402

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